Customized property and casualty insurance solutions for real estate investors, whole loan investors, and the mortgage banking industry.

About Us

Insurance Specialty Agency was born out of the ingenuity and success of our affiliate company, Westcor Land Title Insurance Company. For that reason our pedigree is that of a top five U.S. title insurance underwriter, and the perspective, experience, and financial stability that comes from the discipline of title insurance.

Built upon that important foundation, Specialty Insurance Agency creates custom products and services that may not fit into the typical mold of insurance products as we know them, and that is where we can let our creative and consultative minds run wild. We look forward to working with you to create insurance products that meet your specific needs.

Our Products

SFR Investors & Lenders

Asset Managers

  • Contractor Liability

Mortgage Originators

  • E&O Excess of Loss
  • Insured HELOC Search

Whole Loan Investors

  • Insured Title Searches

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